Domain Mapping Q&A

Q: What is a domain?
A: Your domain is the same as the address of your website. When you sign up for a MyWriting.Network site, your address is technically a subdomain of, which is why it looks like this:


When you share your site with others, this is what you can copy and send them.

Q: How do I map a domain?
A: Click on “Upgrades” in the top of your Dashboard window. You will be taken to the Upgrades page, where you can select the Domain Mapping upgrade. Once you have purchased the upgrade, in your dashboard, click on Tools, then Domain Mapping. You will then be directed on how to complete the mapping process.

Q: OK, so what does domain mapping mean?
A: If you already own a domain name, and you’d like to use it instead of your MyWriting.Network subdomain, you can connect it to your site here. We call this “mapping.” Once you map your domain, that is what people will type into their browsers when they want to visit your My Writing Networy site.

For example, let’s say my subdomain is

But I would like to use instead.

I would then purchase the Domain Mapping upgrade, which will allow me to map to That means when people type into their browser, they will be taken to


Q: Will my subdomain still work after I map the new domain?
A: Yes. Technically, you will have two addresses: your original subdomain, and your mapped domain. Both of these will work, and both of these will bring visitors to your My Writing Network site.

Q: What are the advantages to domain mapping?
A: If you run a business, want to build up name recognition, or wish to capitalize on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), domain mapping is a good idea. Some people think it offers a cleaner look.

Q: Can I map any domain I please to my blog?
A: No, it must be a domain that you already own.

Q: How do I buy a domain?
A: You can buy domains from any number of domain resellers. GoDaddy and HostGator are among the most popular. There are many others. Shop around to get the best deal.

Q: Does my domain purchase price include domain mapping?
A: No, your domain purchase is independent of your domain mapping upgrade at My Writing Network.

Q: Does My Writing Network sell domain names?
A: We do not sell them at the moment, although plans to do so are in the works.