My Writing Network serves three purposes. Firstly, it was built to meet the needs of writers in the modern era, who must promote themselves online if they are to gain an audience for their work. Secondly, it allows writers to connect by reading each other’s posts on the Reader, and by participating in the Forums, thus creating a sense of community. Thirdly, it does all this at no cost to the user.

While paid upgrades are available, My Writing Network provides everything a writer needs to launch himself or herself online for free. This is partly what is meant by “democratization of the web,” or making the internet accessible to everyone and allowing everyone the same opportunities to benefit from it. My Writing Network does not distinguish between genres, types, styles, ages, genders, or backgrounds. Our intention is to create a rich atmosphere of creativity and learning while providing opportunities for personal, artistic, and commercial growth.

The only requirement for membership is a desire to join. So come on in! We’ll be glad to have you.

My Writing Network is the creation of William Kowalski, a best-selling novelist and a developer of WordPress websites.