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My Writing Network is the first multisite community built specifically for writers of all types. MWN provides free websites, forums, and a network-wide blog reader to help you get acquainted with other members. We also have a private Facebook group where you can share, discuss, and learn, and we offer a free retweeting service as well. If you like to write, or think you might, grab a site! All core services are 100% free, and the only personal info required is a valid email address. We're very glad you decided to check us out!

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"I think MWN is definitely a winning website for writers of all kinds. It’s a unique idea that has evolved into a solid and consistently improving product. Sidenote, I made my first official online book sale through the site last week! Seamless... Much easier than I expected."

-Dr. Juneau Robbins


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  • Get your own fully-functional WordPress website, completely free!
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  • Join a thriving community of creative people from around the world.
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